What You Need to Know About the Federal Flood Insurance Program

//What You Need to Know About the Federal Flood Insurance Program

What You Need to Know About the Federal Flood Insurance Program

It was this very year that the State of Florida witnessed the unfolding of a brand new kind of insurance: the hurricane insurance option, which comes sans inspections and deductibles. Natural disasters are naturally damning, and end up inflicting more damage to your person and property than could come as a result of an accident or theft. When natural disasters like fires and floods hit, they bring with them an inconceivable bout of destruction: they seriously damage properties, they can injure people, and they also affect equipment and material in use.

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, strong winds, and other natural calamities, which is why it is always better to be insured beforehand. Prevention, after all, is better than cure.

Damages Due to Floods

While tornadoes cause the most damage to public and private life and property, floods aren’t far behind—they’re just on the second place, causing a good deal of damage in the United States. When urban areas are flooded, some serious damage is in effect. Properties both public and private are affected, homes and businesses alike suffer. The structures of buildings and the contents which are present inside can be seriously damaged, causing the structure to collapse in the worst case scenario. And they aren’t just a threat when some river overflows—in case you’re thinking you’re safe because your area has no rivers around—because floods are a potential threat in case of heavy rains, and can hit any area. In the event that water cannot be immediately cleared up, equipment and structures can sustain serious damage due to prolonged exposure to water.

Insurance against floods can seriously reduce the adverse impacts of the calamity.

The Federal Flood Insurance Program

A special policy which has the backing of the National Flood Insurance Program, it is provided to homeowners, business ventures, and to renters. The insurance program came into being as a direct result of the National Flood Insurance Act which was passed back in 1968. It was part of the general efforts to mitigate the after-effects of flooding, especially on structures that are newly built or improved.

Government Initiatives

The government is highly concerned about the damages sustained by people and properties both public and private due to the watery menace that is flooding. The most commonly occurring natural disaster, damage due to floods isn’t generally covered by homeowners’ or renters insurance. The government has taken certain measures to promote awareness about the potential risks and dangers of floods. Among the many initiatives in included this FEMA Flood Map Service Center, which helps people know of the risks they might be privy to.

What the Program Entails

The National Flood Insurance Program is aimed at helping reduce the disastrous impacts of flooding on public as well as private properties. The insurance is affordable and can be availed by homeowners, renters and businesses. The economic as well as the social impacts of the adverse kind can be diverted with the help of the Federal Flood Insurance Policy. With the program people are encouraged to get risk insurance in general and insurance against floods in particular.

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