The Most Important Insurance Florida Citizens Should Invest In

//The Most Important Insurance Florida Citizens Should Invest In

The Most Important Insurance Florida Citizens Should Invest In

People looking to establish a concrete and durable financial plan for their futures take insurance policies seriously, and for good: it is only through ensuring that you have secured your most important and valuable possessions that you can attain a firm financial standing. Accidents don’t send explanatory cards before they come knocking at your door, and they can never be predicted. Losses and damages are a real threat which can inflict serious injury to your business or property in the event that they are not accounted for.

Why Ensure Insurance?

By carefully going through and choosing an insurance policy you can effectively safeguard your assets and also buy considerable peace of mind on the side. No more wild nights will be spent tossing and turning, trying to play the dual role of a night watchman, apprehensive that someone is out to get your car. People who opt for insurance policies have lesser stress and can focus on their life and business with heightened clarity.

As a resident of Florida, you should definitely ensure that you are insured in the following 5 major areas.

Dollar bill

Long term disability is one of the most unfortunate conditions anyone could suffer from. Depending on the severity of your disability it could completely change your psyche and your personality. Insuring yourself against disability is a wise investment to maintain your agency and live a relatively unhindered life.

Long term disability insurance usually costs 1%-3% of your annual income. It is considered to be one of the most cost effective insurance policies anyone can get, with rates starting at $25 a month up to $500 a month. The table below summarizes policy rates for different income brackets:

dollar chart

2. Life Insurance

Taking out a life insurance policy is the best way to look out for your dependants in the event of your demise. Many people are skeptical of taking an insurance policy because they question the value of high premiums to be paid as insurance. At the end of the day, it is an investment in those you will leave behind as some solace when a significant family member passes. In a time of emotional instability, financial backing goes a long way in helping people cope.

The table below summarizes the average life insurance policy rates as of 2018, depending on the age at which the insurance policy is taken out:

average cost chart

3. Health Insurance

With soaring healthcare costs in the country, you do not want to find yourself piled with healthcare bills if you fall ill. Investing in health insurance early is a way of making sure that your health care is uncompromised at a time when your body begins to fail you. Taking out policies on behalf of family members as well as yourself is one of the best ways to save money in the long run.

Value penguin has compiled a list of average health insurance policy rates in the US across all the states, which you can view here. The tables below summarize the rates based on health plan types assuming an individual gets insurance at the age of 21:

Monthly and Annual health insurance rates

4. Property Insurance

Property insurance

Damages to property, losses sustained due to floods, fires, or other natural disasters, can all be taken care of with simple property insurance.  When faced with damages or loss, you can either make a claim as a first party or the claim can be made by a third party if they have sustained injury. Policy rates are affected by various factors as identified by insurance company inspections. These factors include the materials used in the construction of the house, the frequency with which maintenance is conducted and when the house was initially constructed. Overall value of the property may also determine the insurance premiums to be paid, which is why rates differ all across the United States. For Florida specifically; annual home insurance costs $2055.

5. Automobile Insurance

Another common kind of insurance, most people are very concerned about getting their cars ensured. In Florida specifically, where the traffic is particularly infamous, people are deeply concerned about accidents and incidents of road rage, and prefer to have their rides insured. What’s worse is that in the event that you are not insured and get into an accident, you will be facing a lawsuit that is going to cost you way more than an automobile insurance policy will.

In Florida, the annual average cost of automobile insurance is $1596. This payment is meager when compared to frequency of automobile accidents in Florida; about 395,000 accidents in a year according to the Florida DMV.

Searching for an Insurance Lawyer?

If your damaged car or property is being denied payment by an insurance company get help from Arnesen Webb, P.A. We are a team of licensed and certified property damage lawyers who assist clients in the process of insurance claims. We help people in Florida whose insurance companies despite claims for coverage refuse to compensate in case of water and fire damage, car crashes, pipeline leaks, flooding, etc. If the insurance policy that you signed up for covered is denying payment, get in touch with us today by calling at (561) 757-6000.


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