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Marine And Boat Insurance Claims

Marine insurance policies are common in Florida and our attorneys specialize in representing yacht and boat owners in recovering the money they are owed when unscrupulous insurance companies act in bad faith by denying or underpaying marine and boat insurance claims. A common denial in a marine insurance claim occurs when the insurance company asserts that the loss or damage is ‘not covered or is excluded’ under the policy. Our law firm dedicates itself to holding insurance companies accountable when they wrongfully deny a marine insurance claim. We proudly stand up to insurance companies, level the playing field and fight for policyholders in insurance coverage disputes over damage to marine vessels.


Typical marine, boat or yacht insurance claims occur when:

  • A boat or yacht sinks at a dock or offshore causing water damage to all of its vital components, including but not limited to:
    • Engine and machinery damage.
    • Electrical damage.
    • Structural and hull damage.
    • Damage to the interior and upholstery.
  • Boat or yacht damage caused by accident, crash or collision with another vessel.
  • Fuel spills and the mandatory environmental cleanup.
  • Boat damage due to lightning strikes, storms, wind and hurricanes.
  • Marine salvage claims such as re-floating a boat or yacht or emergency tow fees.
  • Wrongful denial of boat insurance coverage.
  • Insurance coverage disputes.

Our law firm has extensive experience taking on insurance companies in marine insurance wrongful denial cases. The following questions may be helpful to you in understanding the legal issues involved in these types of disputes:

  • What type of marine insurance policy do you have?
    • All Risk policy or Named Perils?
  • Did the policyholder fully disclose all material facts to the insurance company who wrote the marine insurance policy? If there was an omission or misrepresentation, was it ‘material’ to the insurance carrier when they evaluated the risk?
  • Are there ambiguous terms in the marine insurance policy? If yes, the ambiguity will be held against the insurer and in favor of the policyholder. Therefore, the policyholder will be covered for the loss.
  • Was the marine insurance broker truthful and disclose all of the terms and conditions within the policy?
  • An “All Risk” policy provides great coverage to boat and yacht owners as they insure against all loss unless the type of loss is specifically excluded. In addition to specific exclusions in the policy, ordinary wear and tear, defects and intentional misconduct by the policyholder are typically not covered.

Because of the complex nature of marine insurance claims, you must speak with an experienced marine insurance dispute attorney before you file your claim to assure the claim is presented properly. Saying the wrong thing or filing the wrong way could cause your claim to be denied or underpaid.

If you have a marine or boat insurance claim that was wrongfully denied or underpaid by your insurance company, or you need assistance with the presentation of your marine or boat insurance claim.

The attorneys at Arnesen Webb, P.A. focus their practice on property insurance claim disputes and personal injury. If you feel that your property insurance claim was wrongfully delayed, denied or underpaid by an insurance company, call the property insurance lawyers at Arnesen Webb, P.A. immediately at 877-757-6003 for a free consultation.

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