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Water Damage Insurance Claims

Your home or business can sustain water damage from a variety of sudden and accidental occurrences. The list to the left represents some of the events that can cause severe water damage to your home or business and that are covered by most homeowners or commercial lines insurance policies.

Most people do not realize that the typical homeowners and commercial lines insurance policies provide coverage for these disastrous events and require the insurance company to restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition. Unfortunately, in our experience, insurance companies will typically assign adjusters who under-adjust and underpay your insurance claim or wrongfully deny your claim altogether.

One unscrupulous tactic used by insurance companies is to adjust your claim to incorporate only temporary (band-aide) repairs, when, in fact, your home or business requires replacement of everything in the entire damaged area. For example, many times insurance companies are only willing to pay for repair to one roof shingle/tile, floor tile or a single kitchen cabinet when the policy actual requires replacement of the entire roof, floor or kitchen cabinets.

In addition, many people do not understand the proper presentation of a roof leak insurance claim. A roof leak can cause water to flow down your walls and onto the floor, causing severe damage to the interior of your home or business. Although the costs to repair the roof may not be covered under your insurance policy, the damages to the interior of your home caused by the leaking water are most likely covered. Insurance companies will not tell you that they are obligated to pay for all ensuing water damage including damage to the ceiling, walls, drywall, electrical system, cabinetry, flooring and any other interior parts of your home or business that sustained water damage. Virtually any ensuing damage resulting from the leakage of water is covered by your insurance policy as a water damage claim.

Our water damage claim lawyers fight to make sure you are not short-changed by the insurance company and get everything you are entitled to under your insurance policy. In most property damage cases, you are entitled to have your home or business restored to pre-loss condition. If you have a water damage claim that was wrongfully denied or underpaid by your insurance company, or you need assistance with the filing of your property damage insurance claim.

The attorneys at Arnesen Webb, P.A. focus their practice on property insurance claim disputes and personal injury. If you feel that your property insurance claim was wrongfully delayed, denied or underpaid by an insurance company, call the property insurance lawyers at Arnesen Webb, P.A. immediately at 877-757-6003 for a free consultation.


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